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The next morning, Fangzhu, who went out, came back empty-handed than noon. Originally, Congress unlike the NPC and CPPCC "two sessions" as big fanfare, the people did not know it held two days provincial congress, but do not know the specific content, people can not "talk."[Santa Clarita]


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What is a heavy sigh, and make desperation of like: "Well, at least temporarily into the team to do well to get it, I really do not tell lies, last night, I could not communicate with my brother do? My brother my meal swearword, saying things that can happen overnight leadership says no reason to change to change it? how do you explain to the masses? Are not you let everyone see that this is an immature Mao Haizi in ruling it? you say so do not count, do not forget that it can establish authority? everyone what can you seriously children? Oh Brother, can put my curse ruined it! " [Lubbock]

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Director Sun Flyer first issue raised harsh criticism, and solemnly announced that during the meeting at the same time, by the National People's Congress led organization public, prosecutors, law joint investigation team to closely investigate this incident, and in accordance with the law dealt with severely! After that, he solemnly declared, Nanan County fourteenth session of the People's Congress official opening of the third meeting.[Jersey City]


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Miss Chong screen after Jiaohan ground replied, when the brother, you do not eat a bowl stare at the pot, to concentrate on work and your sister. Attendant smiled coquettishly on Liu Jianming, then motioned him to sing fast. Liu Jianming Miss football into moving their arms, the same tone deaf screeching voice, and Miss duet -[Saint Paul]

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